¿On what countries is it possible to make an online purchase?
You can make an online purchase from anywhere in the world as long as the shipping goes to one of these countries: Mexico, Spain and USA. If you need it shipped to a different country, please send us an email to inof@babykidsatelier.com

• Europe’s website: babykidsatelier.es

• Americas’s website: babykidsatelier.com

¿How many languages does your website supports?
As of now you can choose between Spanish and English. You can change the language on the top part of the website.

¿What happens if I buy a sold out item?
If an item is sold out, a “no stock” message will pop during the purchase process.

¿Will I get the same item displayed on the pictures?
You will, unless it’s a artisanal made product where there could be minor differences due to the nature of the product.

¿Can I send something as a gift?
Yes, you will only have to check the “send as a gift” option, which will also allow you to write a message.

¿Is it possible to get ton my email BabyKids Atleier latest news and promos?
Yes, you only have to subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage. It is on the bottom of the page. Once you have signed in, you will received our latest news such as new arrival, showrooms, offers, promotions, events…

¿Can I unsubscribe my email form the newsletter?
Yes, on every email you get, you’ll have the option to unsubscribe from our newsletter. You’ll find the option on the footer of each of our newsletter emails

¿How can I retrieve my password if I don’t remember it?
On the log-in section you’ll get an option to help you change your password in case you forgot it.

¿How can I be sure my purchase did went through correctly?
One you make a purchase you’ll get an email confirmation with all the details, if you don’t get this email please contact us.

¿Can I erase an item from my shopping cart?
Yes, you’ll be able to eliminate from your cart any item.

¿Can I cancel my order?
Yes, as long as the order has not been completed and paid.

¿What is the “send as a gift” option?
With this option you’ll be able to send the items as a gift, we will not include the prices of the items and you’ll can write a personal message to be delivered with the package. The person who gets the gift, will be able to ask for exchanges or refund.

¿Can I send a personal message to the person who will get the package?
Yes, there will be a form for you to write a personal message on the “send as a gift” option.

¿How can I pay with the credit coupon?
You have to write your coupon’s code on the code form at the checkout section. The credit will be used to cover the cost of the purchase, if there’s not enough credit, you’ll pay the difference with a credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express) or PayPal. If there’s still credit on your coupon, a new code will be created for the new amount of credit you’ll have.