How to buy

Buying at is pretty simple. You only have to follow the next steps:

1. Choose the section (boy, girl, newborn or basket) and the kind of item inside of each section (dresses, pants, cardigans..)

2. Choose the product/s you are interested in. With just one click you’ll be able to zoom in the picture to look at the details (buttons, fabric, labels…), composition and care, available sizes, reference, color and price

3. Select the item and add it to the cart. After that you’ll be able to keep buying or initiate the checkout process.

4. For the checkout you’ll have the option to complete it, registering to Babykids or without an account.

5. Write down the address where you want the items to be delivered.

6. Select your payment method: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. You can also add a promo code if you have one.

7. Confirm the order.

8. You’ll get a confirmation email.

9. If you need help you can send us an email to

Other purchase options

• Showrooms and pop-up stores. From time to time we will have showrooms and be featured on pop-up stores. Sign up to our newsletter to know when and where we will be in the coming months.


As a young and upcoming brand we are interested in developing new business oportunities with stores, retailers and distributors.

Please contact us at for more information